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Radiant Children's Hospital is a world-renowned child specialized hospital that offers treatment approaches combined with state-of-the-art diagnostics, providing the best medical outcomes for children’s medical conditions.

we provide cancer care that is tailored to each child’s size, age, and development. Our pediatric oncology experts use cutting-edge technology to provide the most modern treatments for every type of childhood cancer and blood disorder.

We recognize that cancer treatment and transplant can create stressful life experiences for children and their families. We offer a variety of support and mental health services to help you through this time and dedication to providing you and your child the most advanced, top-quality care.

Our Hospitals are proud to be amongst few of the top pediatric cancer hospitals in the world.
  • Our main focus is cancer. Our pediatric oncologists specialize in all types of cancer.
  • This means that they have extensive knowledge that they can call on when building treatment plans.
  • We use the most advanced treatment options for childhood cancer.
  • Our patients benefit through new treatment methods from across the globe.
  • We have therapies and technologies that many hospitals are unable to offer.
  • Our patients have access to state-of-the-art treatments and surgeries for rare cancers.
  • They also get novel therapies for aggressive or difficult tumors.